Intruder Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

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Intruder Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

Direct Secure offer comprehensive intruder alarm servicing and maintenance. We carry out maintenance on a variety of security systems such as those manufactured by HKC, AirTech, Astec, HomeGuard, Vista 5 and much more. We will carry out maintenance and servicing on all alarm systems regardless of whether or not they were installed by us.

We at Direct Secure recommend that you have your alarm security system serviced at least every two to three years. Essential maintenance is necessary to carry out upgrades on previously installed systems and to replace batteries regardless of whether a not a fault exists on your system. Faults will develop on your alarm system, the longer it in place purely due to wear and tear over the years.

At Direct Secure we fix the following common system faults;

  • Installation of a fresh battery.
  • Bellbox replacement returning the external siren to full strength.
  • Replacement of shock sensors on windows and doors.
  • Replacement of faulty devices.


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Regularly scheduled maintenance on your alarm system will restore your security back to its original state and remove false alarms keeping you, your family or your premises secure.